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Sri Madhu Sai aka: Sri Madhuji

Sri Madhu Sai

            An intuitive, informative and insightful speaker and spiritual teacher, Sri Madhu Sai was born in Hyderabad, India on August 25, 1970. Coming from an orthodox Hindu family, he started learning the ancient Hindu texts from his grandparents since childhood, and participated in various rituals at home, in temples, during festivals, and on pilgrimages. He always demonstrated a passion for helping others around him. He learned how to take care of people from his parents. He was a very observant and curious boy, witnessing people suffering around him and wondering about what life is about, the emotions, and hurts they experience. Every time Sri Madhu Sai observed pain and suffering, he asked, “Why is life so complicated?” and “Is there a simpler way of living?” He also wondered, “Why can’t we experience, think, see, and talk with simplicity?” and “What is the fundamental problem?”

His father's death led to his spiritual transformation.
            He attended University to receive a bachelor's degree in electrical & electronics engineering. When Sri Madhu Sai was 19 yrs, his father suddenly passed away due to a massive heart attack. It devastated him emotionally and he felt as if some one ripped off his heart and erased his reference to life. This incident led to ask more questions about life and death. He wanted to know – What is the purpose of life? What happens to us after death? How do we face consequences for our actions? Are there any universal principles to follow in life? He began to search in earnest for meaning and answers.
            In 1994, after he completed his engineering, Sri Madhu Sai attended a 2-day spiritual seminar conducted by Oneness University in India. There, he underwent a spiritual transformation where he received answers to all his questions. He gained experiential knowledge about many things in life, such as life after death, how to receive grace, Who is God, how to establish a relationship and bond with the Divine, what are relationships, how to discover freedom within, and how to release past traumas, and he received powerful energy healings. These powerful experiences caused an awakening in his consciousness. He felt strong activation of energies within and a renewed heightened energy. Upon returning home, he had profound mystical experiences for seven days. He experienced energy centers aligning and balancing within his body. He worked more during the day, had minimum sleep, and yet experienced the same fresh energy throughout. His senses became heightened, and he started to see various strengths in other people.
He becomes a Hindu monk and experiences his death.
            In August of 1994 after joining the Hindu monk order and studying under his Master Sri Bhagavan at Oneness University, he performed rituals, conducted retreats, offered counseling, guidance, and mentoring to teenagers and young adults in India. At this time he practiced mastering awakening states where he experienced mystical experiences, including his death.

One day after his return to the ashram, after doing some intense healing work on a fellow monk who was very sick, he lied down to relax. His body went into a deep relaxation, where he left his body and entered a higher plane. He witnessed his body outside of him and people gathered around his body. It was a transforming experience in his life.

            He learned that if you hurt someone or didn't forgive that person, then you would come back so that you could experience pain and forgive, and have closure. He saw that the only way to escape this cycle of karma and rebirth was through complete acceptance of who you truly are. He realized that after death, life continues to exist on a higher plane for that individual.

            With these experiences, later in his counseling sessions, he was able to help many families from such crisis. One example, where Sri Madhu Sai helped release a woman who was worried, even after death, about her daughter. He helped her release the attachments and move on to higher planes.
He discovers and shares his answers that are practical and applicable.
            He explores and experiments the truths and principles from various Hindu scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and many more. He practices the teaching of his Masters Sri Bhavana and Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada, and many other Masters like Sri Adi Sankaracharya, Sri Vivekananda, and Sri Jiddu Krishnamurti, and realizes his truths from their philosophies. During his extensive travels, he even explored other ancient cultures around the world and learned their methods of healing and balancing. Gaining the knowledge through self-knowing, Sri Madhu Sai shares his experiences and embarked on a journey to help people across the world who are suffering from mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.
            During his 13 years (1994 - 2007) as a Hindu monk, he traveled to more than 30 countries to teach and share his wisdom. He exchanged his teachings with healers from other traditions, guided and trained people in healing techniques. He organized and taught to 15,000 people in a four-day seminar with the help of 250 volunteers in India. He worked tirelessly and gave 25 talks, and two-weekend retreats each month. He contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide through his practical and proven integrated system of Yoga Therapy.
He helped many awaken to their true self and purpose of life, health, prosperity, and happiness. He always encourages people to “Hustle for Happiness.” He continues to learn and practice other modalities so he can teach more effective practices. He shares that "When you have a question, then the answer is readily available to you in your inner knowing. The key is to observe and see it from a higher perspective."
Through his personal experiences, witnessing others, observing life events and contemplation, he would realize answers to particular problems, and create effective practices and solutions, so people can find relief to their sufferings. He encourages people to apply themselves while he guides and supports them (women, teenagers, men) with their challenges. He teaches guided meditations to release emotional imbalances and blocks such as stress, tension, fear, anger, and anxiety. He shows some breathing practices to gain clarity and heal relationships. He explains specific exercises to be free from issues like insomnia, bulimia, anorexia, tension and stress. He educates seekers how to let go of attachments and connect deeply with your higher (Divine) self.
            Sri Madhu Sai has a unique ability to help you understand the root cause of issues and problems you face and empower you to deal directly with the root cause. Many a times he shares that – “You do not have a problem, You are the problem, hence you are also the solution to that problem”. He blends common sense, real-world experiences, and eternal teachings to lift you beyond the mundane to a higher level of problem solving, self-awareness, and understanding. In his work, he helps you accept yourself, both positive and negative, and regain control and balance in your life.
He marries, comes to America and establishes spiritual organization in USA and Canada 
            In 2007, Sri Madhu Sai left the Hindu monk order of Oneness University to begin a new path as a husband and father. The same year he started learning Vedic Astrology with his Master Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada in India. He is bringing this ancient knowledge with the remedial measures to release any adverse effects that are shown in your Astrology chart. He returned to the United States in 2008 to continue his work as a lay monk. In May 2011, he founded The Foundation For Healing Beings, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles and Canada, and was an integral member of the team of healing professionals at the Be Hive of Healing Medical Center from (2010 – 2015).
            He offers Prana Yoga Teacher Training, Individualized Yoga Therapy, Men’s Personal Mastery, and Healing the Feminine Heart programs. He partners with other teachers and organizations, and offers leadership programs, Trauma and addiction Healing, and First Nation empowerment programs. He provides personal coaching and family counseling as well. He trains passionately seeking individuals to become teachers. As he wrote in a recent article about how to deal with life crises brought on by karma, "The only internal medicine that can restore us in crises is deeper understanding our true-self, self-love, self-realization and an awareness of divinity in our life."
            Sri Madhu Sai holds profound gratitude for his teachers and commit to a vision of a better world for all. With sincerity, open heart, and pragmatic approach he continues to help thousands achieve a better quality of life. He measures your growth by the amount of effort you apply to yourself. He works to bring success, happiness and prosperity to you and the collective who seek his support. He continues to travel and help people gain new perspectives that help transform their life. Sri Madhu Sai lives with his wife and daughter in Kamloops BC, Canada since 2012.


AUM – TAT – SAT (The Divine is the Unmanifest)  


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