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Lenyo Hippocampus Bioregulation Technology (BRT) is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective modality for supporting both the physical and mental aspects of a strenuous fitness program, competition or other physically demanding activity. It can be used by individuals, by facilities or by organizations to address all levels of physical activity, as well as preventatively for overall fitness and wellness.

By improving biological communications at the cellular level, BRT helps the body and the mind adapt and heal as needed. The next generation of technology solutions for sports medicine, BRT is ideal for supporting preparation, performance and recovery.

“I use the LENYO BRT devices every day for both physical and mental support. After an almost nine-hour Ironman competition, the first thing I do is lie down on a LENYO therapy pad.”

- Erika Csomor • Long-distance runner, duathlon, triathlon and Ironman champion


  • Helps with preparation, performance and recovery
  • Aids in circulation and blood oxygen level
  • Helps to accelerate healing
  • Helps with muscle and joint aches
  • Increases relaxation and sleep quality
  • Helps with joint and muscle recovery
  • Improves concentration, focus and mental endurance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Improves digestion and the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream to the cell
  • Supports cellular regeneration
  • Ideal for both professional and amateur athletes, as well as people on their feet all day
  • High-performance Athletes

  • Optimizes performance and concentration

  • Accelerates recovery after a lesion

  • Supports treatment of micro injuries to prevent larger lesions

  • Nerves handling before competitions

  • Quick recovery of physical condition after competitions

  • Amateur Sportsmen

  • Strengthens muscles and articulations

  • Stimulates adaptation to exercise

  • Helps mental concentration

  • Develops the habit of physical activity


    Adult male water polo champion; back injury with 15 months of constant inflammation; was told by doctors that he would never play polo again and would likely have long-term problems; muscular problems, allergies and recurrent ear infections;


    Series of ongoing BRT sessions on the LENYO CellCom.


    After a series of BRT sessions, along with rest and healthy living, the patient went on to win two Olympic medals and a World Championship.


    ABOUT LENYO HiPPOCAMPUS. A leader in bioregulation therapy technology and devices, Lenyo Hippocampus provides advanced bioregulation technology (BRT) devices and solutions to professional practitioners in the medical, wellness, sports, enterprise, educational and veterinarian fields, as well as home-use products to the general public. A unique communication- and energy-focused approach to health and wellness, BRT combines advanced pulsed electromagnetic field signaling (PEMF) with the body’s own biological communications to help restore natural regulation and healing activities. The LENYO line of BRT products includes office, home and mobile devices.

    LENYO BRT devices are available in a variety of size and feature options – from professional multi-user systems to pocket-size, mobile devices that can be used in the home, at the office or on the-go. Designed for optimum efficiency, LENYO BRT devices are ideal for professional practitioners, large health and wellness facilities, spas, sports centers, rehab and physical therapy facilities, offices, schools and the general public. With the most comprehensive range of BRT product choices in the industry – including both endogenous and exogenous options – LENYO BRT devices are non-invasive, easy to operate and safe for adults, seniors and children.

    Learn more about BRT and the complete line of LENYO BRT devices at www.brtamerica.com.

    LENYO HIPPOCAMPUS BRT devices have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They do provide general benefits recognized for biofeedback and PEMF-based therapy devices. Individuals suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before using any BRT device. LENYO HIPPOCAMPUS DEVICES ARE LISTED WITH THE FDA AS CLASS 1 THERAPY DEVICES
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