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When biological communications – which are critical to the body’s natural adaptation and regulation processes – are compromised due to alcohol and substance abuse, the effects can manifest in a number of physiological and emotional ways, including damage to organs and tissues, central nervous system problems, cognitive disorders, depression, anxiety, stress and sleep issues.

Highly-effective and entirely different from the standard approaches to alcohol and drug addiction, BRT uses advanced biofeedback and PEMF-based electromagnetic technology to help deal with the key aspects surrounding addiction, including cravings, detoxification, nutritional and energy deficiencies, compensatory chemical reactions, psychological blocks and emotional attachments.

Used alone, or as a complement to other conventional and alternative therapies for addiction and substance abuse, BRT can support a healthy path to recovery by restoring efficient biological communications and triggering the natural self-regulation process, ultimately helping to heal the body, calm the mind and regain inner balance.

“The next generation of technology solutions for addiction and recovery, BRT helps with the physical, psychological and emotional components of dependency, making it ideal for all stages of the addiction process – detox, treatment and recovery management. BRT is truly a powerful modality that can be used indefinitely as an effective strategy for long-term success.”

- Mike Cohen. • Center for Brain Training • Jupiter, FL


  • Helps to diminish cravings and support detoxification
  • Works to decrease various kinds of intoxications and
  • Improves digestion and the uptake of nutrients from the bloodstream to the cells
  • Helps to discharge negative energy and improve receptiveness to therapy and healing
  • Helps diminish physiological responses to addictive substances
  • Identifies substance-specific signatures in order to create homeopathic remedies
  • Improves sleep, relaxes the muscles and decreases emotional anxiety
  • Aids in dealing with cross-addiction and long-term recovery
  • Helps to reduce early discharges and chronic relapse patients
  • Differentiates the center or practice as progressive and comprehensive
  • Helps to increase success rates and generate new revenue streams



48-year old male with addiction issues from age eleven to 48 and most recently addicted to pain medicine; multiple recovery programs and relapses; experiencing a high level of back pain (due to accidents), as well as daily panic attacks and a racing mind.


LENYO CellCom and neurofeedback combined; 30 total sessions.


After three sessions, BRT therapy helped to break through the long-time emotional and physical blocks and client started to see a difference; panic attacks gone after five sessions and at the end of 30 sessions, client was off pain meds and said “he felt normal for the first time ever with a calmness in both his mind and body.”


Adult male with extreme anxiety and sleep issues such that he could rarely leave his home; panic attacks and suicide ideation; using cannabis and valium on a daily basis with little success.


LENYO CellCom and limited neurofeedback; daily sessions for five days total and then periodic sessions over the next 60 days.


Cannabis use stopped by session five in the first week and off of valium at the end of 60 days.


61-year old male with a long-time addiction to alcohol; serious behavioral and social issues including altered personality; needed medical intervention to avoid liver cirrhosis.


One LENYO CellCom session; 20 LENYO Lux Pro sessions combined with hypnotherapy.


One year sober; improved liver functions with no progression of cirrhosis; behavioral issues normalized and relationships healed.

ABOUT LENYO HiPPOCAMPUS. A leader in bioregulation therapy technology and devices, Lenyo Hippocampus provides advanced bioregulation technology (BRT) devices and solutions to professional practitioners in the medical, wellness, sports, enterprise, educational and veterinarian fields, as well as home-use products to the general public. A unique communication- and energy-focused approach to health and wellness, BRT combines advanced pulsed electromagnetic field signaling (PEMF) with the body’s own biological communications to help restore natural regulation and healing activities. The LENYO line of BRT products includes office, home and mobile devices.

LENYO BRT devices are available in a variety of size and feature options – from professional multi-user systems to pocket-size, mobile devices that can be used in the home, at the office or on the-go. Designed for optimum efficiency, LENYO BRT devices are ideal for professional practitioners, large health and wellness facilities, spas, sports centers, rehab and physical therapy facilities, offices, schools and the general public. With the most comprehensive range of BRT product choices in the industry – including both endogenous and exogenous options – LENYO BRT devices are non-invasive, easy to operate and safe for adults, seniors and children.

Learn more about BRT and the complete line of LENYO BRT devices at www.brtamerica.com.

LENYO HIPPOCAMPUS BRT devices have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They do provide general benefits recognized for biofeedback and PEMF-based therapy devices. Individuals suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician or healthcare professional before using any BRT device. LENYO HIPPOCAMPUS DEVICES ARE LISTED WITH THE FDA AS CLASS 1 THERAPY DEVICES
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